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More Than Your Accounting Needs

About Us

J & J, named after our two little sunshine, our everything. We adore them so much so that we need them to endorse our sweat and effort in their later years to come, hoping our modest start-up would bring them achievements and success.

As committed as we can be in our parenting life, we are committed and dedicated to our clients' growth and progress as well. We provide quality work with effort along with integrity and most importantly we tailor our service that meets our client’s needs.
Running a home-based start-up not only allows us to have family bonding with J & J but also keep the running costs minimal. Hence, our clients can enjoy affordable fees.


Powered by modern technology, J & J is fully digital. We run cloud-based systems with enterprise-security level and we help businesses to go digital as well.


Embraced with Technology & Flexibility, our team of talents is not restricted by conventional working cultures, thus we can perform at our best, not compromising Quality Work and always keep Timeline in mind.

We believe in “numbers tell the story” and we strive to provide great insights to our client by truly understanding our clients’ business, for better decision making.

Xero Certified Advisor
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