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Our Services


Stress Free

We provide personalized accounting services to help alleviate your financial uncertainty and stress. You can enjoy your holiday while having control over your business.

Tax & GST 

Hassle Free

We help you keep records on all your receipts, expenses, budgets, bills and incomes, and we manage it for you so well that you’ll be looking forward to filing your business tax returns and not dreading it. Let us take care of the messy stuff so you can keep growing your business. 

Corporate Secretary


We understand how hard it is to be an entrepreneur today, especially complying with all the regulations and rulings. Let us be your business partner and help lift the weight out of your paperwork and administrative tasks. Together we will do great things! Incorporation of Company

AGM & Annual Return submission

Lodgement to Bizfile

Go Digital

Enabling Growth

Adopt digital and let it power up your business to the next level. You will love our cloud based book keeping, expenses and payroll solutions that will help you manage your business with more accurate and timely information.

We serve - E-Commerce | Retailer | Engineering | Restaurateur | Hawkers | Agency | Service Providers
Sole-proprietor | Self-employed | Partnership | Private Company

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